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Neck Pain & Whiplash

Neck Pain & Whiplash Symptoms and Treatment of whiplash related to a Phoenix Car accident. The top three auto accident injuries in Phoenix are whiplash or neck pain, closed head injury resulting in headache, and of course soft tissue injury. Let’s take an up close look at each type of these injuries, and offer some very important and crucial tips on getting medical and chiropractic treatment after a car accident. Is Whiplash a reality or a Myth? Whiplash is not a formal medical term. It is a non-official medical...

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Headaches | Closed Head Injury

Headaches | Closed Head Injury Headaches are a very common symptom after a car accident- especially if the accident caused an injury to the head or whiplash injuries.Here are the types of headaches after a car accident or a car crash. Headaches after a Car Accident and head pain and headaches after car accident are really quite common! Following a car accident injury, head pain can begin immediately; other times headaches can be delayed a few hours or even days. We have discovered that the a lot of symptoms can be delayed...

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Mutiple Injuries

Mutiple Injuries Providing Dedicated Car Accident back pain Injury Care with Chiropractic Auto Injury Solutions. Serving Phoenix motor vehicle accident victims for over 20 years, Penny Injury Chiropractic offers a complete array of accident treatments. The physicians of Penny Injury Chiropractic have helped thousands of auto accident sufferers with treatments for auto injuries, personal injuries and spine injury that are inherent when you are involved in car crashes. Individuals throughout Phoenix and West...

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Neck Chiropractor Phoenix

Neck Chiropractor Phoenix Neck Chiropractor Phoenix Treating Auto Accident Whiplash Penny Injury Chiropractic of Phoenix provides professional and experienced treatment for auto accidents neck injuries and car accident upper back injuries. The neck is the section of the spine that is most at risk and therefore very vulnerable to injury and disc herniation in car accidents. In fact, over three million cases of neck pain due to auto accidents are reported in Arizona 2013 alone over 150 of those occur in phoenix on a daily...

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Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain Dr Trever Penny of Penny Injury Chiropractic has been caring for auto accident victims in Phoenix Arizona for more than 20 years. Dr. Penny prides himself in being one of only a few personal injury chiropractors to offer a chiropractic auto injury clinic that dedicates its practice to auto accident victims only. If you are suffering from a spinal injury such as low back or neck pain after your car accident, we invite you to visit our Phoenix car accident clinic right away. We will see to it...

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