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Emergency Car Accident chiropractic treatment and examination at Penny Injury Chiropractic

Receiving examination and treatment for whiplash from a car accident is key, as collision induced forces more often than not causes soft-tissue injuries that might not even present symptoms until days or weeks after a car accident has occurred. These are called hidden injuries.
You must be aware that emergency room doctors, by necessity, their core treatment after any motor vehicle accident or car accident focuses on life-threatening injuries and only life threatening injuries.
Once the accident and emergency doctor is satisfied that you do not have life threatening injuries will release you even when you are suffering from car accident whiplash or other car accident symptoms, usually prescribing a neck brace and common pain relievers – neither of which were ever intended to alleviate long-term accident damage.

How to treat car accident injuries.

Addressing hidden or underlying injuries through skillful spinal examination and musculoskeletal treatment following car accident our Doctors of chiropractic will diagnose and treat accident related damage before it becomes debilitating. Understanding and addressing the underlying car accident trauma is the best way to treat motor vehicle accident injuries.

Give us a call and Let our car accident back pain trained chiropractic team evaluate and attend to your car accident related injuries, and put you on the road to recovery quickly!

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I actually was involved in two separate car accidents in the last 16 months. Thank goodness that I attended with Dr Trever Penny! My attorney said that Dr Penny documented my case and he was able to get the insurance adjuster that I actually was hurt in a different area of my back. My insurance company didn't want to pay for my treatment because they said all my injuries were from the first accident. Well Dr penny and my attorney worked together and got my medical bills paid and and I am ever thankful I was able to recieve treatment for my njuries!
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Lana Tait
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