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I actually was involved in two separate car accidents in the last 16 months.

Thank goodness that I attended with Dr Trever Penny!

My attorney said that Dr Penny documented my case and he was able to get

the insurance adjuster that I actually was hurt in a different area of my back.

My insurance company didn’t want to pay for my treatment because they said

all my injuries were from the first accident. Well Dr penny and my attorney worked

together and got my medical bills paid and and I am ever thankful I was able to recieve

treatment for my njuries!

I also purchased this themes a few days ago and have been testing it. The themes are very easy to use and works great with facebook fan pages.

Great theme and the price is way more than fair. If you need a all in one themes for yourself or clients I recommend you buy these themes while it is available for such a resonable price.

"I must say, the themes are pretty cool!"

I purchased the themes a couple days ago and have been playing around with it and I must say, the themes are pretty cool! It’s easy to navigate and pretty straightforward. Once you get familiar with how everything works, there is no reason you can’t throw up sites in 1-2 hours. You could charge your clients $500-$750, easily.

I had a couple support questions and Sabbir answered them very quickly.

With the functionality, support and the  price point, I believe it is a no-brainier.

Also, it is mobile ready and syncs with FB!

Nice job Sabbir!

"Followed up with me shortly after my purchase to see if I needed help with anything"

Awesome themes! High quality product. Great customer service. Followed up with me shortly after my purchase to see if I needed help with anything. Will definitely keep an eye out for his future themes.

"Just wanted to give my quick review................ AWESOME! "

Just wanted to give my quick review……………. AWESOME!
Easy setup, even for someone like me who is just learning WP. The few questions I have had were answered almost immediately. Great themes and awesome support!

"Oh, almost forgot, the mobile version of the sites this themes creates are really nice"

Just purchased this theme. Can’t say enough about the flexibility of this theme!
I asked the the developer a few questions, and not only did he reply to my question in a matter of a few minutes, be also offered to add some more functionality for me at my request that will allow even more options. Sabbir, thanks for some terrific  support, best I’ve personally seen from any themes I’ve ever bought…

Don’t hesitate, this is one of , if not the best wp themes I’ve ever bought.
Thanks Sabbir, great product!

Oh, almost forgot, the mobile version of the sites this themes creates are really nice, without any additional work too!

"It's extremely important to be around when your customers need you (post-sales)"

I just wanted to drop in and leave an appreciation note for you and thank you for providing excellent post-sales support when I needed it. It’s extremely important to be around when your customers need you (post-sales) and this is what will make me look for your products in the future.

I firmly believe this themes deserves a lot more attention considering the versatility of the theme and the bonuses you offer.

Wishing you the best for the future…

These themes rock and the support is excellent! Thank you, Sabbir!!

"I'm addicted to Wordpress themes like a crackhead"

First of all, I have a couple of the WPMania themes, and I absolutely LOVE them! They look freaking beautiful & work perfectly. I’m addicted to WordPress themes like a crackhead, and I believe these are some of my favorite. The responsive features alone make them well worth it. Then they add shortcodes, customizations, and a bunch of other stuff that set these themes far above a lot of the competition.

"Think you're making a mountain out of a mole hill"

Having bought from WP Mania before, I can tell you I’m not spammed with emails for other offers (none in fact), nor have I ever received a phone call. Think you’re making a mountain out of a mole hill. Sabbir does quality themes period.

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